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Sandy the Bubbleman is in ICU and his wellwishers are seeking funds for his treatment




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Sandy Snakenberg, a 55 year old fitness coach and artist affectionately known as the Bubble-man, is in the intensive care unit (ICU) for an erratic heartbeat and some well-wishers are trying to raise funds for his treatment. Sandy has been residing in Singapore for 14 years and has a soft spot for special needs children. Sandy is also the former world record holder for 24 hours non stop skating.

Sandy also brought honour to Singapore by breaking a Guinness World Record by being part of a six-men-team to achieve greatest static cycling distance in 24-hours. His team cycled a total distance of 1,425 km, cycling at an average pace of 59.38 km/h over a 24-hour period in the year 2009.
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One of his well-wishers who took to Give Asia to raise funds for his medical treatment, Jerome Poudevigne, described Sandy as a “man with a big and beautiful heart has been touching and transforming lives of many of us in Singapore for over a decade.”

Jerome further said how Sandy had personally made a difference in his life in appealing for donation. “He had not only taught Jean-Sebastien Choo (Jerome’s son) how to speedskate and transformed his physique, but carried me through the darkest hours of my journey with my autistic son during puberty!”

Members of the public who want to donate towards the medical treatment costs of Sandy the Bubbleman, may do so here: https://give.asia/movement/coach_sandy_recovery_project. His wellwishers hope to raise $25,000 for his treatment.

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