Anwar Ibrahim’s party the PKR took drastic action today (Nov 28), sacking two youth leaders who are now threatening to get the party de-registered.

PKR Youth leaders Mizan Adli Mohd Noor and Mohd Ramly Ahmad were stripped of their position as the wing’s permanent chairperson and deputy permanent chairperson.

This is the result of factional infighting that has now become full-blown in the party.

However, the duo cautioned that the party could face de-registration and asked their central leadership to thoroughly investigate their removal.

The reason given was that they are above 35, which is the maximum age for the posts and a letter sent to them also said that the two received more votes than the number of delegates present at the PKR Youth national convention last year.

Mizan and Ramly got 400 and 397 votes, respectively, but there were only 270 delegates, but the duo said they will refer the matter to the Registrar of Societies.

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“We demand that the central political bureau immediately investigates this matter professionally and without prejudice, as it concerns its legal status and involves the Registrar of Societies (ROS).

“We do not want PKR to be declared illegal like Umno (in 1988),” Mizan Adli and Mohd Ramly said in a joint statement.

Mizan and Ramly are said to be in deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali’s faction.
Azmin, who is the powerful Economic Affairs Minister is now publicly going against the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim.

He is said to be in the lead to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia, that is if he manages to topple Anwar.

Azmin is said to have the support of several MPs from the PKR and any move against him may trigger a mass exodus of the MPs from the party.

Azmin held a secret meeting at his home in Putrajaya two weeks ago, inviting several Umno opposition MPs to join five PKR leaders who are MPs and Ministers for a dinner.

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Speculation is rife they discussed the formation of a new party, but TISG could not confirm those rumours. -/TISG