A few days ago, North Korea fired a missile over Japan. This brought increased tension between North Korea and the rest of the ‘free’ world.

Ever since the Korean war ended in the 50s, North Korea has always been a communist country ruled by the Kim family, but since Kim Jung-un has stepped into power, more situational problems have arisen. And no solution is in sight, not even a military one.

But the knee jerk reaction and the tough words from US President Donald Trump indicates that the ‘free’ world only want regime change in North Korea.

The aim of all these sanctions etc is aimed at destabilising North Korea.

South Korea has allegedly stated that it has plans to assassinate the North Korean leader, Kim Jung-un.

Now, regarding the missile that was fired over Japan, Tokyo said that they did not shoot the North Korean missile down because they did not ‘detect’ it as a threat to their territory.

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But if it was not a threat…then why all the fuss?

However, in the same breath, Japan is saying that North Korea violated its territory with that missile.

The issue here is, if Japan did actually shoot the missile down, it would have probably given the North Koreans a clear signal that it is violating the Japanese territory and it is also capable of stopping the threat while it would show Pyongyang that it has the technology to protect its own territory. Oh, it was not a threat!

With the recent tough talking about North Korea, it seems that many countries want a regime change in Pyongyang and they are waiting for the rot to deepen in order to strike.

But that is not going to happen that easily unless a war breaks out which would be costly in many ways, in lives and money – something the ‘free’ world do not want as of yet since they are unsure of the outcome.

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It is not fair though for the UN, for example, to treat North Korea as the enemy and expect the North Koreans to be calm and docile about it while no solutions – permanent or not – are offered.

The North Korean propaganda may be propaganda within their own country, but with sanctions and threats from the free world, does it not make the UN, and the rest partly responsible for the state that the North Koreans are in?

However, since the free world want just one thing, that is to overthrow the regime in Pyongyang, whatever one says will not be worthy of anything, is it?

But the world is missing one thing: The North Koreans showing us that they can launch missiles to across their neighbour’s territories and to get away with it is a sign that the rest of the world is incapable to handle this problem. That is, it is a sign to the North Koreans, indeed.

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It is, from the North Korean’s side, that they are tired of the current mistreatment and of being tagged as the black sheep of the world. When in fact, the rest of the world seems to be ganging for blood.