Featured News PSP Youth Wing talk on a 'green and sustainable Singapore'

PSP Youth Wing talk on a ‘green and sustainable Singapore’

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Sustainability video now on PSP YouTube Channel


Singapore — The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) Youth Wing shared about the importance of sustainability in Singapore.

A talk on “Building A Green & Sustainable Singapore” was held on April 24 with Mr Ku Swee Yong, CEO of International Property Advisor, and Mr Chan Mun Wei, Founder & Consultant of SustainableSG as panellists. Former PSP Youth Wing head Terence Soon was the moderator. A video of the event was published on Wednesday (May 26).

Mr Chan shared about sustainability, and why it mattered to Singaporeans.

“It’s about making sure the future for our kids and their kids will be just as good as it has been for us.” he elaborated, adding, “I don’t think we want to live in a world where the physical environment is very harsh, in terms of extreme weather and hot days.”

“Sustainability is making sure we are not exploiting resources today, such that there isn’t enough for our poorer friends and relatives. That we don’t over-exploit, so there is also sufficient for our children and grandchildren to live a normal comfortable life.” Mr Ku explained.

He touched on public housing, explaining it is unsustainable if  Singaporeans have to stretch their dollars to buy HDB flats and push the prices up, if policies do not keep prices affordable.

“Sustainability is not just confined to the environment, or making sure we don’t use plastic straws. It can also be social sustainability, making sure that our next generation will be comfortable.” Mr Ku elaborated.

The talk also touched on renewable energy and food sustainability in Singapore. The full dialogue can be found on the PSP YouTube channel.

Mr Soon shared about the efforts of the PSP Youth Wing, which has organised clean-up programmes at parks around Singapore last year and earlier this year, before enhanced Covid measures halted those activities.

“Although I will soon be departing politics; I know with full confidence that the PSP Youth Wing will continue to champion the causes of the youth in Singapore. The mission and goals of the Youth Wing will continue under the excellent leadership of Jess Chua,” Mr Soon said.

He also asked Singaporeans to show support to Ms Chua, the newly appointed head of the Youth Wing.

Denise Teh is an intern at The Independent SG. /TISG

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