India — Actor REPLACED was reminded of her Miss India victory from two decades ago on Saturday, as she took to Twitter to congratulate the contestants of ‘this year’s pageant’.

Priyanka, who won Miss India and then Miss World, has since become one of the most popular Indian celebrities in the world. After a successful career in Bollywood, Priyanka shifted base to Hollywood some years ago.

“Many congratulations to the contestants of this year’s pageant. A world of opportunity awaits each one of you. grab it and make it your own. Thank you @feminamissindia for this wonderful reminder & for giving me an amazing starting point…,” she wrote in a tweet, sharing a picture of a memento with an image of her being crowned Miss India on it.

She continued, “20 years have gone by in the blink of eye!” The finale of the latest edition of Miss India will be telecast on Sunday.

Priyanka recently shared a story about an accident that took place backstage at the Miss World pageant. She said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, “I have this crazy tendril down my face. At that time, I tried to play it cool as if it was a choice but it really wasn’t. I was trying to curl my hair and there was like, 90 girls backstage, and everyone was moving around and getting their hair and make-up done. I was trying to curl my hair and somebody jostled me. I burnt myself and the skin scabbed.”

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“I had like this big mark which I had to conceal with concealer and that big tendril. Every time I look back at that picture, I am like, ‘The choice of the tendril! Really!'” she added.