Home News Police share ways to identify fake S$50 and S$100 notes

Police share ways to identify fake S$50 and S$100 notes

Some of the distinguishing features of the counterfeit notes include not having a security thread, not having a watermark and not having an embossed surface among other things




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Singapore—Police have released a public advisory regarding the spread of counterfeit S$50 and S$100 bills. The fake notes are allegedly being used at restaurants, retail stores, and convenience shops.

Police arrested and charged three men for circulating the counterfeit notes and a woman for using S$10 on several occasions.

The fake notes feature a portrait of Yusof Ishak, Singapore’s first president. To the untrained eye, it would be difficult to distinguish which notes are fake and which are genuine.

Besides checking for the serial numbers, the police have shared other ways in which consumers can identify counterfeit notes.

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1. No security thread.

Fake notes are reproduced through printing or photocopying. Thus, they do not have a security thread, an interwoven vertical line across the face of the note. Hold up a bill to the light and look for a bold line with a series of texts, the notes denomination, and the word ‘Singapore’ written in the four official languages.

2. No watermark.

Fake notes do not have a watermark. Hold up the note to the light and look for a 3D multi-tone portrait watermark of Yusof Ishak. Additionally, there is another clear and almost transparent mono-tone highlight watermark below the portrait watermark.

3. A simulated kinegram.

Check the kinegram or the octagonal reflective foil on the note. The kinegram image on a genuine note must shift when tilting the note. If it doesn’t, the note is possibly counterfeit.

4. No embossed surface.

Fake notes feel flat and smooth and lack the embossed texture of hand-engraved genuine notes.

If you think you received a counterfeit note, report the incident to the police immediately. Take note of the name, age, any distinguishing features, language spoken, and any other helpful information regarding the person who handed you the suspected counterfeit note.

Police advise that you set aside the counterfeit note in a protective covering like an envelope or plastic container and submit it to the authorities upon reporting./TISG


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