Lifestyle Food Pokemon Center opens at Jewel Changi Airport

Pokemon Center opens at Jewel Changi Airport

Open for a public preview on April 11 (Thursday), The Pokémon Center Singapore is the first official merchandise store outside Japan




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Singapore – Now you don’t have to go to Japan to try and catch ‘em all. A Pokémon Center has opened at Jewel Changi Airport, and it was a huge hit among fans.

Open for a public preview on April 11 (Thursday), The Pokémon Center Singapore is the first official merchandise store outside Japan.

Pokémon has been a big part of a millennial’s childhood that the long queues were but a small feat for many.

Being able to obtain items ahead of the store’s official opening on April 17 added to appeal.

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NintendoSoup reported that there would be six exclusive products to be launched at the Pokemon Center: a Pilot and Cabin Attendant (CA) Pikachu plushies, mascot versions of the plushies, and the plush and mascot from the Ride on Lapras series which originated in Japan last March 2018.

There are also keychain versions of the exclusives but in plastic instead of metal.

The items are considered to be exclusive to Singapore although other versions were released in Japan in earlier years.

Chief business officer of The Pokémon Center Ito Kenjiro gave an explanation as to why Lapras, carrying the iconic Pikachu on its back, was chosen to symbolise Singapore. “Singapore as you know is surrounded by water. We chose Lapras since it is a water-type Pokemon and by having it here, we wanted people to see and get a feel of what it’s like,” said Kenjiro. “Safe to say that Pikachu and Lapras are extremely popular Pokemon, that’s why we thought it would be a fitting image for Singapore.”

For those interested in dropping by the Pokémon Center soon, below are the details posted by Singapore Toy Sale:

Returning fast food chain A&W was also packed with customers during the public preview.

Member of the public Dzar Ismail posted in his Facebook, “We gave up. The queue was 1 hour.”[0]=68.ARCKvsYAnKNsa0PBOYLEWmbjVn4FKpRmQxmJXih8o0TinL8wSlBbx76gFA-o4u7VEfd3wrjXBtSHBO_IsS1iPDiYnWfdb6l4nEWfeJuwACwqVrXVw5T83xTwA7k89C64OTnXb1oSr_K4CSMbQ7NaHGiMR9s-dUK1-jqlh1hCu1CGv4Efecium39HqECLGLw2N3aANZFDcIeWafuBldKrG1MwKxlgzAm-spGR4LNHGxvL177ulVQJC-OQtQMr99L_VnN_tjrOd20483QMcAbLiELim7IzQP1A7Wjxb4l45e-JiAtm2zKQzsxZQi1-F3B4lc1YBz90un-Fr0xFaFK-vBSyzA&__tn__=-R

Bobcpliew uploaded a picture in his Instagram of A&W filled with customers.

Jasmine Chong gave an informative post on the attractions at Jewel Changi Airport below:

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