Mr Lee Hsien Yang has said that Parliament may not be the right forum to clear-up the allegations he and his older sister have made against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. In voicing his serious concerns, he accused PM Lee of attempting to cover-up and whitewash himself in Parliament on July 3.

The Executors of Lee Kuan Yew’s will, who are also the siblings of PM Lee, have made serious accusations against the Prime Minister. The PM has dismissed their accusations as mostly untrue and said that he would comprehensively answer the charges against him in Parliament next week.

Mr Lee said that the PM attempting to clear his name in a House filled by his subordinates is yet another example of his misuse of his position and influence to drive his personal agenda.

Mr Lee also pointed out how several of PM Lee’s subordinates have backed him up even before the parliamentary session and said that many Members of Parliament will will fear career repercussions if they speak out against their superior.

We have serious concerns with Lee Hsien Loong’s attempt to cover-up and whitewash himself in Parliament on 3 July 2017. …

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Thursday, 29 June 2017

“Historically, few PAP MPs have dared to dissent even when the party whip was lifted,” he added.

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Mr Lee suggested that the Parliament may not be the right forum to investigate and address the accusations against PM Lee because the MPs lack both sufficient background and evidence of the numerous instances of abuse and conflicts of interest.

“There will be no opportunity or adequate time for evidence to be properly drawn together, placed before Parliament, and considered. Nor will there be any opportunity for an examining body to properly probe explanations or excuses.”

Mr Lee said that he had further evidences of abuse and conflicts of interest by the Prime Minister which he had not raised yet. Mr Lee believes that the key issue of abuse of power by the PM will be simply swept under the carpet, because the “accused controls both process and outcome in this forum.”

Mr Lee said that both his sister and him had no confidence that a fair, transparent or complete account of events will be told in Parliament, and that PM Lee would continue to mislead or insinuate under Parliamentary privilege.

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94 percent of 349 respondents who took our recent straw poll on the topic felt that Parliament is not the right platform to properly address the accusations against PM Lee.