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Photo of Dee Kosh serving Community Work Order goes viral online

Observers online are speculating that the 32-year-old is serving the CWO as a result of a littering offence




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A photo of local YouTuber Dee Kosh serving what appears to be a Community Work Order (CWO) is going viral online, after it was published on several Instagram pages on Sunday afternoon (13 Dec).

In the photo, which was allegedly taken outside Jurong East library, Dee – whose real name is Darryl Koshy – can be seen wearing a mask and a pink and neon yellow vest emblazoned with the acronym ‘CWO’ as he sweeps litter using a straw broom.

Observers online are speculating that the 32-year-old is serving the CWO as a result of a littering offence. Another Instagram page, ‘wakeupsingapore’ said: “We understand that this is a picture of Dee Kosh serving a CWO for alleged littering offences.”

The CWO is typically given to those who commit littering offences to ensure that the offender takes responsibility for, and acknowledges the harm caused by his offence.

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The sentence Dee is serving is allegedly unrelated to the sexual harassment scandal involving the social media influencer that erupted in August, this year.

Several individuals alleged that Dee tried to sexually groom teenage boys under the guise of wanting to work with them. Alleged victims shared screenshots online that appeared to show inappropriate messages from Dee offering boys half his age large amounts of money in exchange for sexual favours.

Dee initially sent a cease and desist letter to the first individual who levelled sexual harassment accusations against him but later apologised as the allegations mounted. Admitting that there was “truth to some of the things which are being said now”, he apologised but asserted that he did not have any sexual relations with any minors or look for paid sex on dating apps.

He added that he did not use his talent management business for anything else apart from content creation and entertainment. Seeking forgiveness from those who have been hurt, Dee promised to “make conscious steps to change” and urged people to not direct anger and disappointment at his loved ones.

As Dee faced police investigations, he subsequently published a social media post saying that he is not dead and not gone. That post was made in late September.

Since then, there has been little news as to what the YouTuber is up to – until Instagram page ‘sgtrashcollector’ posted the photo of Dee serving a CWO on Sunday afternoon. Other pages like ‘sgfollowsall’ and ‘wakeupsingapore’ quickly picked up and re-posted the photo as well.

Although it is unclear when the photo was taken, it quickly went viral drawing 2,000 likes on the ‘sgtrashcollector’ page, over 20,000 likes on the ‘sgfollowsall’ page and over 5,000 likes on the ‘wakeupsingapore’ page.

Calling on the authorities to shed light on the outcome of the investigations into Dee over the sexual harassment allegations, ‘wakeupsingapore’ added: “@singaporepoliceforce and AGC we deserve an update on the status of investigations into the allegations against Dee Kosh involving potential minors. We need justice and accountability.”

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