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Peoples Voice’s Lim Tean denies bankruptcy claims

In to these claims, Lim posted the following on Facebook on June 23: "Let me make it clear. I am not going to be bankrupted, and it is total rubbish that I owe S$1,450 000!"




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Singapore — On June 22, it was reported by The Straits Times that Peoples Voice’s (PV) Lim Tean is facing two pending bankruptcy claims totalling an estimate of S$1.45 million.

The article stated that one of the applications which was filed by DBS Bank in October last year, was heard in court on Monday (June 22). The amount for this claim was S$549,378. The second claim was filed in May this year by Sing Wing (I & E), a trading , with the amount standing at S$905,000.

This could be problematic for Lim as according to The Singapore Constitution, an undischarged bankrupt is deemed unqualified to be a Member of Parliament. Lim, officially stated that PV was eyeing GRC for the coming elections, alongside fellow opposition party Red Dot United.

In response to these bankruptcy claims, Lim stated on Facebook (June 23): “Let me make it clear. I am not going to be bankrupted, and it is total rubbish that I owe S$1, 450 000!”

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He explained that these claims can be constituted as an attempt to tarnish his name for the coming elections. He wrote: “ season is upon us and the smearing of Opposition Politicians is well under way. I find it laughable that the MSM [] is trying to smear me as someone who is about to be bankrupted, and therefore not eligible to be a candidate.”

Lim also elaborated that this act by MSM is a reflection of the might of the People’s Voices in the coming election, that “Peoples Voice presents the biggest threat to the establishment and the elites because we represent the voices of the ordinary hardworking people of Singapore, who feel abandoned by the very people who claim to represent them.”

of Lim rushed to his side, showing support for both Lim and his party on his Facebook post. Some have even urged Lim to show irrefutable proof that these claims are false and request an investigation under .

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This has added to an even greater controversy over “clean politics”, especially in light of the recent Alfian Sa’at, Tan Wu Meng and Pritam Singh Saga. -/TISG


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