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PAP’s own survey anyhow claims MRT riders are more satisfied




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By: Phillip Ang

Singapore will soon collapse under the weight of PAP’s incompetence.

Everything has been falling apart but the morally bankrupt government has continued to rely on propaganda to control, not serve, the people.

In spite of our MRT system breaking down more frequently and having inconvenienced hundreds of thousands of commuters, the public has been informed by a survey that MRT riders are more satisfied in the past year.

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But how could it be when SMRT screwed up so badly that it was fined a record $5.4 million for one incident in 2015? What about all the other breakdowns?

This is a preposterous claim because it is basically saying people are happier after being screwed. If ministers were frequently caught in traffic jams would they have been more satisfied? Did the survey include commuters who were late for work, important appointments, job interviews, etc or students late for exams?

The MRT-riders-more-satisfied index is published by the Institute of Service Excellence at the Singapore Management University. And no prizes for guessing who its board of advisors include. Some of these guys are working in a GLC, statutory boards and includes a former PAP MP who used to wear 64 hats.

The index would have more credibility if stripped of all PAP connection.

Ngiam Tong Dow: “I suspect we have started to believe our own propaganda.” Ngiam said this in an interview in 2003 but he should suspect no more because we can confirm PAP DOES believe its own propaganda.

When the government publishes its own survey with findings contrary to the real experience of MRT commuters, we should be very worried. It has again tried to cover up its failure with half truths, some would insist they’re all lies.

Republished from the blog ‘likedatosocanmeh‘.

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