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Panasonic dispels claims that it has cut ties with Huawei, says reports are untrue

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Panasonic joins the growing list of organisations and countries defying the US' blacklisting of the Chinese tech giant.

Japan – Electronics group Panasonic has released an official statement that business is as usual with Huawei despite earlier claims that it had suspended transactions due to the United States’ blacklisting of Huawei.

On May 23 (Thursday), Panasonic dispelled the “online media” claims that they have ceased supplying to Huawei and noted the allegations to be “untrue.”

The statement reads,

“At present, Matsushita Group supplies normal products to Huawei. The statements about ‘discontinuation’ mentioned in the online media are untrue. Huawei is an important partner of Panasonic. We will strictly abide by the countries and regions where Panasonic is located. On the basis of relevant laws and compliance regulations, we continue to sell goods and services to Chinese customers such as Huawei, and contribute to the Panasonic team’s meager efforts in China to contribute to the development of China’s business.”

May 23, 2019

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However, according to a report by the BBC on the same day, Panasonic has announced a suspension on its business with Huawei.

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“Panasonic announced in [an] internal notification that it should suspend transactions with Huawei and its 68 affiliates that were banned by the US government,” said the firm.

The contradicting reports have sparked confusion, noted the BBC.

Panasonic’s announcement came after a statement by British and Japanese mobile phone companies on May 22 (Wednesday) that they will be postponing the launch of Huawei smartphones in their respective countries.

Britain’s EE and Vodafone, and Japan’s KDDI and Y! Mobile have delayed the launch of Huawei phones due to the ongoing trade dispute between China and the US which have placed Huawei in the middle of the cross-fires.

Huawei was suspected by the US to be a spy for the Chinese government which is alleged to be using the tech giant to probe the communication networks of other countries.

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