The body positivity movement has taken storm on all of social media. An overweight woman claims to have made over $1,500 on OnlyFans. However, most X users are sceptical of her statement as they feel she is either lying or worse. Unfortunately for her, most of the comments were mocking her weight. 

There are plus sized women on OnlyFans that are making money. However, they are still rather small in comparison to this particular woman. For the most part, the social platform is under a lot of controversies as conservatives are against these sorts of platforms. However, liberals are approving of it as they feel it empowers women. 

Following that, on the conservative end point, they claim that platforms like OnlyFans are not a positive attribute for society. Generally, most people would not have an opinion regarding this. There are some creators who are making a good income on the platform, where otherwise they would not have the same opportunity to do so. 

Overweight woman claims to make $1,500 on OnlyFans 

X users claim that the overweight woman is making said amount of money on OnlyFans because they want her to stop. Furthermore, these comments are rather a popular opinion for X users. Others state that her customers are paying by the pound. 

In addition to this, users say that OnlyFans does not even have the storage to store her uploads. For the most part, these comments are directed to her weight. However, in the eyes of X users, they feel that she brought this upon herself. 

However, on her YouTube video, there were a mixture of comments regarding her position. Some were spreading positivity on her page, saying that it is a positive thing for someone like her to earn an income. Despite this, there still are comments that diminish her solely down to her weight. 

Regardless, in the comments section, the men state that if they are not as attractive, they would probably end up alone. But for women, even if they look like her, they would probably still get someone to like them. 

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