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Outpouring of grief and condolences from Aloy Pang’s girlfriend, Mediacorp, artists, netizens over star’s death

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Singapore’s Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) confirmed the death of actor Aloysius Pang in a Facebook post on Wednesday night.

“Death of a Singapore Armed Forces Operationally Ready National Serviceman…Corporal First Class (National Service) [CFC (NS)] Pang Wei Chong, Aloysius passed away at 2045hrs on 23 January 2019 (SG time) at Waikato Hospital, New Zealand.”

The post went on to explain that Pang had been doing repairs inside a Howitzer with two other servicemen when he was injured when the gun barrel was lowered. Though Pang had undergone several surgeries to repair his organs, he passed away from the severity of his injuries.

MINDEF also said that an investigation would be conducted on the circumstances surrounding Pang’s demise and that at press conference lead by the Chief of Defence Force would be held on Thursday, January 24.

<<Death of a Singapore Armed Forces Operationally Ready National Serviceman –CDF to chair press conference to present…

Posted by Ministry of Defence, Singapore (MINDEF) on Wednesday, 23 January 2019


Even before MINDEF’s announcement, Pang’s family already spoken out via his Instagram page, saying they were prepared for the worst and asking that their privacy be respected during this difficult time. One of his siblings wrote… “Every news that were brought upon us since his last op was devastating with little signs of hope on his recovery. We all broke down when the medical team spoke to us that his condition is worsening and we should be prepared for the worst. We’re going to lose a brother. And my parents are going to lose their precious son whom is only 28. Thus I seek everybody’s kind understanding that we are unable to comment further during these precarious time.”

Media conglomerate Mediacorp, where Pang had started out as a child actor in 1999, called the actor’s passing “a devastating loss.” The statement from Mediacorp detailed how beloved Pang was by all who had the opportunity to work with him, and how popular he was to fans.

“He was a highly capable actor who had grown in skill and versatility but remained humble, diligent and ever willing to help others. He will always be remembered for his good-heartedness, his sincere, unaffected earnestness, and his professionalism. He showed respect to everyone, especially his elders.”

Many fellow artists also expressed sorrow at Pang’s passing.

On Instagram, actor Pierre Png posted an-all black square in mourning, and wrote, “I am deeply saddened and very angry at the passing of an intelligent, unassuming and hardworking actor. I guess I’ll never know why this had to happen. Until we meet again Aloysius Pang Wei Chong. Rest in Peace.”

Xiang Yun also posted the black mourning square, with this simple caption: Heart hurts… Wei Zhong, rest in peace!

Kimberly Chia posted a photo of herself with Pang on Instagram, writing, “I don’t believe this. Why do you have to go? You are like my big brother. Always there when I need you. I haven’t even done anything close to what you did for me. I’m gonna miss you so much.”

Perhaps the most heartbreaking tribute to Pang is from his girlfriend, actress Jayley Woo Jia Qi. Though their relationship had been kept private, it has now been revealed through Woo, as well as her twin sister Hayley, also an actress.

Jayley Woo wrote a deeply moving post on her Instagram account after Pang’s death and posted photos of the two of them together over the years.

She wrote, “I’m not lucky enough to be your wife in this lifeWe must definitely get married in the next
I love you, I really love you
Thank you for all your care these past few years
I will always love you; please have a good journey ahead
Come visit me in my dreams, understand?
And, I will never forgive you in this life
You’ll always be a part of me, my man.
We’ll meet again in the next life, till death do us apart baby boy. ❤#MyWorldIsGone.”

Like Pang’s family, she has also asked for her privacy to be respected. In another post, she wrote, “My dearest friends from the media,

I’m not going to respond to any of your questions.
Please let me keep these last memories I have with him. Please be understanding. What I can say is we only planned to go public when we got married.

That is all.
Thank you everyone.”

Hayley Woo Jia Yi, Jayley’s sister, confirmed their relationship in an Instagram post of her own, wherein she thanks Pang for helping celebrate their birthday last month, and says that the actor had told her that he was planning on proposing to Jayley when he was 31.

Pang was 28 when he died.

Netizens also shared in the outpouring of grief, expressing their condolences and solidarity with Pang’s loved ones.

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