Asia Malaysia Office of Anwar Ibrahim victim of cyberattack, his social media accounts hacked

Office of Anwar Ibrahim victim of cyberattack, his social media accounts hacked

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Cyber attack prevention is in focus again as Anwar advises public caution on information from his office and social media accounts while his team works to stop the hacking.

Kuala Lumpur— Port Dickson member of Parliament and president of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said that his social media account and office networks have been the victims of cyber attacks since Friday, May 3.

Therefore, in a statement, he has asked the public to verify any official announcements supposedly coming from him.

Anwar did not reveal which of his accounts or networks have been hacked, except for saying that intrusions were found on all of his social media accounts as well as at his office.

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In the statement, the PKR president said, “While we are resolving this problem, I wish to urge all parties to be wary of information coming from my office as well as social media accounts in my name.”

The Malay Mail added that Anwar reminded everyone that he had called for stronger measures against cyber attacks in the past. He recognizes that this is a growing concern, due to the increasing amount of time that people spend online.

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“Clearly, it is a negative impact on our excitement for technology, and exposure to individuals using digital tools for personal profit or to create uncertainty and confusion,” he added.

The MP from Port Dickson also said that the focus should not only be on artificial intelligence and Big Data with regards to development in the tech sector but that this growth should be simultaneously tempered with the ethical use of these new technologies and sufficient protection against cyber attacks.

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“Big data and artificial intelligence will be driven well by the wide use of digital space, but it must be balanced by reasonable data protection and good approaches to how data is used,” he said.

Anwar assured the public that his team is collaborating with authorities to resolve the issue.

“We are working with the relevant authorities to resolve this issue of cyber intrusion.

These issues are also being addressed and will be a focus of the Digital Native Agenda (DNA23),” he said in his statement./ TISG

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