SINGAPORE: The labour movement-linked supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice has denied that its eggs are contaminated with salmonella. It said a WhatsApp message circulating about its eggs being contaminated gave false information.

The supermarket giant said on Facebook on Saturday (Oct 14): “We’ve recently come across a misleading WhatsApp message. The message falsely claims that eggs sold at our stores are contaminated with salmonella and advises you to return them for a refund. We want to clarify that this is untrue, and there is no egg recall at any of our stores.”

FairPrice expressed concern over the misinformation spreading through private messaging platforms like WhatsApp. The company encouraged customers to exercise vigilance when receiving and forwarding information of this nature.

The statement emphasized that the official source for updates and alerts regarding their products is their website ( and their official social media channels, including Facebook (NTUC FairPrice) and Instagram (@fairpricesg). FairPrice reiterated its dedication to the well-being of its customers, pledging to continue providing safe and quality products.

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While addressing the false claims, FairPrice added, “Your well-being matters to us, and we are committed to providing you with safe and quality products. Thank you for your continued support.”

There have been no reported cases of illness or health concerns related to eggs purchased at any NTUC FairPrice store.