PEKAN BARU: The plot thickens, as new parts found suggest a sinister ending to the plane’s flight.
Evidence gathered from small parts collected across the Indian Ocean (see graphic) suggest the ill fated Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Boeing 777 may have crash landed in the sea, ripping apart the cabin.
The Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (#MH370) was a scheduled international passenger flight operated by Malaysia Airlines that disappeared on 8 March 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. But it went missing on the radar, and is yet to be found, two years later.
The latest discoveries of MH370 parts indicates the plane would have taken a different path from the search zones, or would have either exploded in the sky or upon contact with water.
Did it crash near the Christmas Island? Or did it fly near the Diego Garcia nuclear base?
For the first time there are indications that when Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 hit the water its fuselage was torn open by the impact, say news agencies.
Four  pieces of wreckage so far recovered were from the external parts of the jet: a wing control surface called a flaperon, found on Réunion Island; two pieces of a horizontal stabilizer, found near Mozambique; part of an engine cowling, found on the east coast of South Africa.
However, another piece seems to put the puzzle together, while it defies earlier assertion by ‘experts’ that the fuselage could have remained intact upon the craft’s landing in the sea.
All the analysis does not dismiss a more sinister scenario, altogether, though no one is talking about a possible explosion in the air anymore, because they can’t figure out why the debris were not found for two years if the plane had exploded in the air instead?
What could have caused an air born explosion? The engine, ripping apart? Fuel tanks burst? Or a foreign object – a missile – hitting the plane while it was on course to its fatal destination in the Indian Ocean?
There are also questions on whether the plane has crash landed where the search party is on.
Malaysia and Australia are adamant they will not change the course of the search, and they are now saying there are dim chances the airplane will ever be found.
Other people are saying the plane took a different flight path, from that shown by the ping of the plane along the southern part Indian Ocean, nearer to Australia’s Perth city’s coast.
They say, the plane could have crashed nearer to Indonesia, and it could have sunk around the Christmas Island where there is no search done.
Others say it might have simply crashed near the Diego Garcia Island, where there is an active US nuclear base manned by armed forces. Diego Garcia is an Island that belongs to the Republic of Mauritius, and has been illegally occupied by the British which leased the Island to the Americans.
The plane could have been on course towards the nuclear base, says some conspiracy theorists.
One of the lightest part of the plane, the external cowling of an engine with the Rolls Royce logo is floated the farthest distance, to the South African coast.
This indicates the plane would have crashed landed and imploded on the sea or exploded in the sky.