The two years when borders between Malaysia and Singapore were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic must have been incredibly hard for those who were separated from their loved ones.

Little wonder, then, that thousands of people flocked home as soon as the border was opened again at midnight on Friday (Apr 1).

One truly heartwarming moment when a man fell to his knees and kissed the ground at Johor, weeping, and thanking and praising Allah, has moved the hearts of many. 

It was captured on video by the wife of the man, who goes by @faiqahrosly on TikTok. It has since gone viral.

The man in the video had actually been gone from Malaysia for two years and two weeks, having been in Singapore since Mar 18, 2020, said Berita Harian, which shared the video on its Facebook page on Apr 1.

It was the man’s wife who had personally sent the video to Berita Harian.

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The wife herself was over the moon with happiness, captioning the video with “Tears of joyness, Alhamdulilah ya allah! Syukur alhamdulilah!” (All praise is due to Allah).

Netizens were deeply moved by the man’s experience, and warmly wished him “welcome home.”

Others say they are looking forward to coming home soon as well.


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