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Netizens ridicule Amos Yee’s appeal for $10k to fund his legal fees and life in America




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Teen blogger Amos Yee yesterday (6 Jan) appealed to Singaporeans who wanted to resist the Singapore government under “dictator” Lee Hsien Loong to donate to him. He is trying to raise $10,000 to fund his legal fees and life in America.

“You’d also probably want to donate to express a sign of resistance to issue a firm and resilient “fxxx you” to the Singapore government because I’m telling you, Lee Hsien Loong (Singapore’s current dictator) will probably be very upset that I’m making money highlighting Singapore’s barbaric anti-free speech laws. Donate perhaps $5, maybe $10 at least, maybe more? It is probably worth the cost of a meal or two to help me settle in America and to show disdain for Singapore’s anti free speech laws, surely?”

He said the money is needed to aid his legal team’s travel expenses. and also for his transition to a new life in the United States. But many netizens who responded to the mainstream media’s report on Yee’s appeal ridiculed him.

Facebook user Alec Ong who responded to STOMP’s Facebook report on the appeal said: “I rather donate to dog/animal shelters than helping this idiot.” Alec’s comment has 175 ‘likes’.

Facebook user Jonathan Sim said: “Nothing is free in this world.. go work your butt out instead of becoming a beggar. Even beggars have more pride than u.”

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Yee landed in Chicago O-Hare Airport on 16 Dec with a tourist visa and was detained by the US authorities for trying to seek political asylum there. Yee who was imprisoned in Singapore for his offences in the past, said that the incarceration in the USA “is far better than Singaporean jail.”

Facebook user Clement See who responded to Yee’s comparison of the Singapore jail with the US one said: “Wait….if American jail so good then why need money to get out ?!?! Please stay there Singaporeans also don’t want to waste our taxpayers money to keep you in Changi.”

While Johnston Anderson said: “Whomever donate to Amos Yee should go for mental checkups. Amos Yee seek political asylum himself and thus had to follow the process. What legal team and travel fees? And what jail? He is in quarantine, not prison. If he is in prison he won’t be allowed to post anything or have anything filmed at all. Go back to Singapore and do your national service and be a real man.”

Yee has said that the he has no intention of returning to Singapore as he does not want to do National Service. He has managed to raise over $1,100 of his targeted $10,000 relocation fund.

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