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Netizens offer suggestions for the new trains for the LTA’s North-South and East-West Lines

The price for the order is  S$337.8 million, with deliveries scheduled to begin in batches by 2024




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Singapore—The Land Transport Authority () has ordered 40 new from Bombardier Transportation for the North-South and East-West Lines (). The price for the order is  S$337.8 million, with deliveries scheduled to begin in batches by 2024.

The new trains will replace the second and third generation trains that presently ply the North-South and East-West routes.

The LTA made the announcement concerning the new trains on Sept 28 in a Facebook post, with the Authority saying that this is not the first time it has ordered new trains from Bombardier Transportation. Sixty-six new trains had been previously ordered from the company as a replacement for the first generation trains that ran on the route since 1987.

🚇 We are buying another 40 new trains for our North-South and East-West Lines (#NSEWL) from Bombardier Transportation!…

Posted by Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving on Sunday, September 27, 2020

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“This latest batch of 40 trains uses the same design and this will enable our engineers to deepen their skills and technical know-how in one train type!,” LTA added.

The post from LTA included a list of features that the new trains will have:

  • An integrated suite of condition-monitoring features for timely fault detection
  • More open spaces for strollers and wheelchair users
  • Train-borne gap fillers for safer boarding and alighting
  • Refreshed LCD screens displaying train travel information.

In addition to the new trains, SMRT Trains, the operator of the NSEWL, will be inking a long-term service support contract with Bombardier that would cover all of the new trains, both the previously ordered 66 and the 40 new trains to be delivered starting from 2024. The company will also “provide technical and spares support for train repairs and system upgrades or replacements for the first ten years.”

Netizens had much to say, including a number of suggestions, for the new trains.

One wrote that the replacement should have been done much earlier.

Another complained about the loud whistling sound that the current trains make.

Another netizen suggested an interchange express for each line

Yet another netizen expressed the hope that costs would not be added to commuters’ fees.

One hoped for strong air-conditioning in the train.


A commenter wondered why Singapore can’t build its own trains.

Another suggested a ‘futuristic design’ for the new trains.




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