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Netizen thanks Grab driver for kind gesture to help him break fast for Ramadan

A rideshare driver shows the way past mere tolerance to inter-racial & -faith compassion.




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On most days, one can feel overwhelmed by the negativity on social media. However, the toxicity of the online world is sometimes balanced out by real life acts of kindness.

Facebook user Jujul Euphoric shared a heartwarming experience that brightened up the days of several netizens, and possibly served as an inspiration for us to be kind to one another.

He recounted his experience in a Grab ride one evening. When he got into the car, the radio was tuned to an English station. It was already past 7PM, and about time for Jujul –a Muslim– to break his fast.

Midway through the ride, the driver Mr. HM Raghu switched the radio station to Warna 94.2 FM which was playing the Maghrib Azan, the fourth call to prayer during Ramadan. Jujul was grateful for the gesture but he noticed that the driver did not pause to break fast.

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Jujul asked the driver if he was a Muslim, and the driver said he was not. Jujul thanked Mr. Raghu profusely for the considerate act.

Mr. Raghu said that even though he was not a Muslim, he wanted to be accommodating to all races and religions: “We need to be united.”

He also shared how “during the kampung days, [M]alays will cook rendang and [I]ndians will cook curry” and they exchanged their meals.

Maybe we should all take a page from Mr. Raghu’s book and move past mere tolerance but towards compassion for everyone regardless of race or religion./TISG

I seldom or dont post anything about grab BUT this grab driver is an exception. When i entered his car, his radio…

Posted by Jujul Euphoric on Tuesday, 21 May 2019


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