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NDP Foodpanda rider gets own marketing video, with his wife poking fun at him behind the scenes

The rider’s wife, who goes by MΛK BUDΛK (@Mvk_Budvk) on Twitter, wrote a whole bunch of witty and light hearted comments about the video




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Singapore—This year’s National Day Parade was memorable for a number of reasons, and one thing that may have stuck in many Singaporeans’ minds is the cheeky Foodpanda rider who accidentally found himself at the tail end of the National Day Parade (NDP) mobile column and waved at people lining Woodlands Avenue 1 along Woodgrove.

Rider Abdul Rahman was on his way to pick up an order on August 9 when he found himself behind the mobile column. He told news website mothership, “Out of spontaneity, I decided to play along and pretended to be part of the mobile column as I was the only rider behind [the contingent]. Amazingly, I got the loudest cheer[s].”

Singaporeans were charmed at Mr Rahman’s National Day antics, which went viral. Although he later said in a Shout video that he had no idea why he started waving in the first place.


WE FOUND THE VIRAL FOODPANDA DELIVERY RIDER!Meet Mr Abdul Rahman, the legendary foodpanda delivery rider who went viral for his hilarious NDP gate crashing video! ??Want to know what’s good in Singapore before everyone else? Find us on IG: Instagram.com/shout.sg

Posted by SHOUT on Monday, 17 August 2020

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More recently, the rider was asked by Foodpanda to star in his very own marketing video.

Mr Rahman, age 34, who is married and has two children and who has worked for the company for a year now, took his wife with him for the shooting of the video, which she live-tweeted on Monday, September 1.

The rider’s wife, who goes by MΛK BUDΛK (@Mvk_Budvk) on Twitter, wrote jokingly that she “was dragged into following my man to his Foodpanda marketing shoot.”

First, she tweeted a photo of Mr Rahman surrounded by crew members.

This was followed by a 5-second video of Mr Rahman driving by a small crowd of people dressed in red and holding up flags. As he drives by, he waves at them, and they wave back.

And his wife wrote, “Dunno how many times this guy has waved for cameras. Aku tengok aku yang penat doh” expressing that she was tired of the whole thing.

This was followed by short video clips and still shots of Mr Rahman getting his make-up done, memorizing his script and then practicing in front of cameras.

His wife pokes fun at him, writing, “Step cool tapi script kemana dia kemana,” (the script is everywhere).

And then she tweeted, “Wau ada taburan duit gassssss” (there is a distribution of money) along with a video of a production assistant holding a bag of piles of “bills” in front of her husband, while the next tweet is a clip of him throwing money everywhere.

She shares a photo of the money from “the hell bank corporation.”

Her husband was next seen wearing a necklace with a huge dollar sign pendant.  In Malay she tweeted, “Ni apa pulak. Dahi seluas lautan dia buat laki aku kahkahkah,” which translates to “This is what it is. His forehead as wide as the ocean made him my man kahkahkah.”

Her tweets go on throughout the shoot, which later has him in full makeup, hair dyed pink, and a bright fuchsia feather boa. She posts pictures of them together while he is dressed like this, and tweets, “Whose man is this LOL PLEASE IS THIS THE HUNGRY GHOST.”

It sounds like everyone had a lot of fun, and she can be heard chuckling throughout.

In the last tweet she wrote, “It’s a wrap! Will post the entire video when they’re done lol meanwhile enjoy this money shot because aku yang tukang buang duit neraka.”


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