International Asia M'sian tomboy mistaken for being a lesbian, happily married and decidedly feminine...

M’sian tomboy mistaken for being a lesbian, happily married and decidedly feminine now

Ain Nurhasmiza Hizamuddin, 21, gained fame in the media for her change in appearance post marriage. Going by the Twitter handle @aszhole_ she shared a before/after marriage picture which received over 11,000 shares and 16,000 likes from netizens since it was posted less than a fortnight ago




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A before and after picture of a girl has created a massive wave on Twitter to the point, the story has became legendary in Indonesian media.

For Ain Nurhasmiza Hizamuddin, 21, her friendship with her husband Kamal Shahizad Sayran, 22, whom she married on January 25, turned out to be a life-changing event.

Ain who goes by the Twitter handle @aszhole_ shared a picture showing her looks before she got married and an after marriage picture. It received over 11,000 shares and 16,000 likes from netizens since it was posted less than a fortnight ago.

In an interview with Malaysia’s Harian Metro, she said she liked to dress like a boy since childhood. That made many people believe she was a ‘tomboy’.

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She would not listen to anyone and would wear men’s clothes until the day she got married.

“But I’m not a lesbian and I’m still ‘straight’! I’ve been ‘boyish’ since childhood. I was comfortable dressed like a man,” she said.

Harian Metro said that after she started dating Kamal about six years ago, the girl from Sungai Buloh, Selangor started making changes in her life.

Ain said the man in her life got her to wear a scarf after he pursued the idea she will look more beautiful in one and that she should drop the cap.

Initially the Indonesian media, thought them to be a same-sex couple, but it was a hoax. And the two lovers involved in the hoax allowed people to believe they were gay before declaring they were a straight couple.

In a revelation tweet, Twitter user asz or @aszhole_ said, “Hi guys! The fact is, I’m a straight girl back then bukan pengkid (not tomboy) haha! But anyways, thankyou for your overwhelming wish and compliments. And to sayang saya @KAMALSHAHIZAT you’re doing great for this whole 6years! You’re the best decision.”

The Twitter user from Malaysia, @Aszhole_’s story went viral, crossing the shores up to Indonesia where several portals carried the story.

Ain’s photo caption says, “From This To… To This….”The Twitter post is dated September 12. In the first photo you can see teenager Asz taking a picture with her boyfriend who is now her husband, Kamal Shahizat. They are both wearing hats and seen in a car.

After the wedding picture was posted and getting some shock responses from followers, she tweeted again saying she is not gay and is straight.

Before declaring she is not a lesbian or gay, some people thought they were two males or that she was a woman with a different sexual orientation.

She also stated that she was often mistaken for a lesbian by others because of her short hair and very tomboyish appearance.

What made the whole thing go viral in Indonesia, in particular, was their wedding picture.

‘Asz’ is seen to have made a complete change in her appearance on her wedding day with Kamal. She changed dramatically from a woman who looked like a man to a very feminine person in Muslim clothing and hijab. -/TISGFollow us on Social Media

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