SINGAPORE: Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng has issued a letter of commendation to the boy who won widespread praise online after he was spotted holding an umbrella for disembarking bus passengers.

Mr Baey, Senior Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment and the Ministry of Transport, honoured the young Singaporean at a networking session at the Caring Carnival this week. Revealing that the boy, Hwee Tze from Springfield Secondary School, stayed on to shelter passengers disembarking from six buses, Mr Baey said: “This is an example that every one of us, regardless of age or gender, can play a part in making commutes much more pleasant.”


Hwee Tze won hearts in September when he was spotted shielding bus passengers from the rain as they crossed from their bus into the bus shelter at a bus stop along Punggol Road.

A netizen who had benefited from the young boy’s deed shared a video of him on the sgfollowsall Facebook page, saying Hwee Tze has the “heart of a king”. The video quickly went viral, with Singaporeans showering the young boy with praise for his generosity and kindness.

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