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Mother of sacked table tennis FT Li Hu charged for bribing officials to ‘show leniency’




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The national men’s table tennis player Li Hu was sacked by the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) on 4 October. Now, his mother is charged in court for attempting to bribe an official from the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) last month.

The Court heard today (25 Nov) that his mother, a Chinese national Su Fengxian (age 54), allegedly offered 2,000 Euros (about S$3,022) to STTA technical director Loy Soo Han on 17 Oct in return for a show of “leniency” in her son’s disciplinary case which was before the association. Ms Su is out on a bail of $15,000 and her case is scheduled to be heard again on Friday at 2.30pm.

STTA’s disciplinary committee comprising of Lim Soon Hock, Han Ngge Juan and Lee Yan Peng meted out the disciplinary action on Li Hu after the disciplinary investigation and hearing.

Mr Lim, Chairman of the disciplinary committee said, “The STTA does not tolerate indiscipline. Li Hu’s repeated breaches of the Code of Conduct is a cause of serious concern to the STTA.  His insubordination is unacceptable and is not tolerated.”

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According to the STTA, Li Hu displayed “insolence, insubordination and continued to violate house rules despite verbal warnings”.

Li Hu was caught bringing a female stranger into the dormitory on previous occasions and was given more than one verbal warning for incidents flouting the dormitory and house rules and his misconduct was also captured clearly on the STTA CCTV.

The video footages also show that a female member of the public visit the dormitory late in the night regularly and leave in the mornings, and on some occasions during working hours.

It is not known if Li Hu brought the same woman into the dormitory.

The STTA’s decision to terminate Li Hu was also based on his poor track record with the association during his employment.

He also had other disciplinary issues throughout his employment with the STTA.

On 18th January 2016, Li Hu was issued a warning letter for another indiscretion, in which he had apparently falsified claims. For this, he was issued a warning letter and he was also informed by writing that any further misconduct will warrant a termination of his employment.

Li Hu’s sacking comes just days after he was said to be assisting the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau for an alleged bribe offer which was made to an STTA official.

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