International Asia Mom hires hitmen to kill homosexual son in Indonesia

Mom hires hitmen to kill homosexual son in Indonesia

The man who had more than one wife and children at the time had come out to his mother saying that he was planning to disclose his sexual orientation publicly which allegedly prompted her to plot his death

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Indonesia has been rocked by the gruesome murder of a man who was killed by a group of hitmen hired by his own mother to execute him because of his sexual orientation.

The mother allegedly told the hitmen to kill her son because she believed her son was gay, but the local papers in Indonesia have not disclosed further details on this.
Although parental affection is supposed to be unconditional, in this case a mother’s love turned to such hatred that she was even willing to commit murder hiring several executors to kill her son.

Apparently the murdered son was going to open up about his sexual orientation and declare that is he is gay.

Ironically he had more than one wife at the time of his murder and he leaves behind two children.

However, he told his mother (50) he will come out publicly to say he is gay, and this prompted the mother to plot his death.

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In a confession, the mother told the police her son wanted to divorce his wives. But she learned about his sexual orientation from a ‘third wife’ of the son who reached out to the mother.

The police said the perpetrators are from Cibereng Village, Terisi District, in the Indramayu Regency and the incident occurred on August 26.

Police arrested three of the five suspects who carried out the murder and are looking for the other two.

A shock wave recently rocked the country with the story of a wife who tried all kinds of ways to kill her husband and his son in a dispute over the sale of property to pay debts.

The woman tried to kill her husband in Indonesia by hiring a hitman and using shamans and witchcraft. She ended up hiring more killers who carried out the orders for her before she got them to drive the dead bodies to a location. There she and her nephew burned the car with the bodies inside.

But a mother hiring hitmen to kill her own son is more shocking.

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According to news reports, the perpetrators planned the murder by inviting the victim to visit a shaman for ritual purposes in a hermitage in the Protected Forest Area of Cikawung-Cikamurang.

There, they met a shaman who was actually one of the alleged murderers. The police said the victim drove his Toyota Camry to the scene accompanied by one of the suspects. They were followed by four other suspects on two motorbikes.
At the crime scene, the suspects slashed and hit the victim using a large stone on the back of his head, killing him in the attack.
Allegations are the perpetrators received Rupiah 20 million from the victim’s biological mother and they also secured the victim’s belongings and evidence of murder.
The perpetrators then left the victim in the middle of the forest and covered the victim’s body with dried leaves to cover the trail.
The suspects have the initials IG, WRSN, WRD, PJ, and BJ. The police did not reveal the mother’s name but call her ‘DRH’. The murdered victim’s name is Carudin.
Police seized a Toyota Camry, two motorcycles, a machete and Rp 1.7 million in cash. -/TISG

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