International Asia MH370 link: Cambodia’s jungle ‘99% likely’ Malaysian plane's crash site, says report

MH370 link: Cambodia’s jungle ‘99% likely’ Malaysian plane’s crash site, says report




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Daniel Boyer, an amateur investigator, has recently made a vital discovery about the missing Malaysian plane that crashed from nowhere about five years ago.

Acording to UK news website, Mr Boyer identified the Cambodian jungle is 99% most likely the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

Flight MH370 will soon be celebrating the five-year disappearance of the crashed aircraft by March 8, 2014. The plane was en route from Kuala Lumpur heading towards Beijing with 239 passengers onboard.

In aviation history, this was considered one of the biggest mysteries that remain unsolved. However, Mr Boyer claimed the plane wreckage was in Cambodia based on the satellite images he found.

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His expedition team has visited the provided coordinates earlier this year to validate their findings. Despite the team’s failure to locate the right spot brought by its remote location, Zorba Parer, who led the group’s attempt to visit the site noted it was “99% likely” where the plane crash occurred.

Mr Boyer stressed the spotted crashed plane was no other than MH370. Based on reports, Mr Parer’s team did not reach the specific remote location because of some safety issues of the trekkers so they cannot conclude what particular plane it was.

Mr Parer cited it could be another plane that crashed and not MH370. However, looking at the Cambodian records and satellite images, they were showing otherwise.

Mr Boyer noted comparing a Boeing 777 in a satellite view using an airport tarmac and side by side with the crash site, the wreckage visible parts and some larger pieces of the plane were identical to a Boeing 777.

He said if this were established as a plane crash site, there would be a nearly hundred percent chance that it was the MH370 aircraft.

He cited Cambodia’s past plane crashes were in 2007 and 2008, respectively, with satellite images at coordinates 12.0159 and 104.152. Since then the jungle was never visited.

Mr Boyer noted that Mr Parer’s team was able to talk to the Cambodian locals, where the latter shared seeing a plane crashing down in a similar area as the reported MH370 crash site.

One witness described seeing a “dragon emblem,” carrying the Malaysia Airlines logo.

Based on Mr Boyer’s findings from his collected data from the search team he sent, along with the satellite images and historical records of Cambodian crashes, this is 99% likely an unidentified plane crash site that should be visited for validation.

According to the imposed aircraft, they are many similar attributes that support that this could be the missing MH370.

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