SINGAPORE: A man took to social media anonymously complaining that he was the second choice of men when it came to many women. In a post to NUSWhispers, he wrote: “You know what I noticed? I am on the second level of the attractiveness scale. It’s like I’m in limbo, not quite hot enough to be the hot girls’ first choice, but hot enough to be their rebound when they get dumped by their first choice. Now every time a hot girl is interested in me, I have to figure out what her problem is”.

He shared about two different women he encountered. A beautiful woman he hit it off with asked for his number and even paid for their dinner. “Unfortunately, it soon became apparent how such a perfect creature could even be single in the first place. When she got mad about something, oh boy were you in for a ride. Her outbursts were fiery and completely disproportional”, the man wrote, explaining why he had to move on from her.

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A second woman he met was also beautiful and he said she was not at all demanding or entitled. He added that she was respectful and helpful as well. “But alas, I discovered that I was the rebound after her breakup of a long-term relationship. She was biding her time and eventually got back with the dude”, the man wrote.

Netizens commenting on his post said that it was because of his energy that he attracted such women. One wrote: “Your self confidence & mindset is blatantly questionable. You’ll get to nowhere with this mindset. You attract or make what you think you deserve. Another netizen added: “Just enjoy the process of getting free gifts and food loh. If a lady is going to stay she will. Be thankful you aren’t the one paying the bills while the person is on a rebound”.

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Earlier this year, a man who had known a woman for only a few weeks yet ended up paying for everything wondered if it would be rude to start distancing himself from her. In an anonymous post to popular confessions page NUSWhispers, the man wrote that since he met the woman a few weeks earlier, they had been going out frequently and spending quite a bit of time together.

He wrote: “Each and every outing consists of me paying the bill for her shopping sprees, albeit inexpensive. (less than $1,000 in total). She never once offered to go dutch, and I never brought up the subject. Recently I had the chance for a sleepover at a budget hotel and nothing happened as she candidly expressed disinterest.”

He asked netizens for advice and wanted to know if it would be rude of him to stop paying for the woman’s expenses and distance himself from her. Netizens who commented said the man ignored all of the woman’s red flags. One wrote: “Congratz, being certified a simp for ignoring all the red flags, for she just using you as a placeholder with no commitment”. /TISG

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