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Man fined for smoking ‘between 7th floor and 8th floor’ of HDB block; Singaporeans surprised at NEA’s efficiency




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A netizen and smoker took to Facebook earlier today to warn other smokers of the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) officers patrolling to catch those smoking in prohibited areas. The man was caught and issued a fine for smoking ‘between the 7th floor and 8th floor’ of a Housing Development Board (HDB) block in Toa Payoh.

In his Facebook post, the man shared a copy of his fine, where he has to pay a whopping S$200 for his offence.


According to the fine, the man was caught at 10.14pm.

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The post was captioned, ‘I like to warn all smokers to watch out for NEA at HDB areas. I was caught and fined around 10pm last night. So fast take back my whole chicken!’.

Netizens who commented on the post were all for the ban of smoking and many chided the man for alerting other smokers who may be committing similar offences.

A number of Singporeans also called for smoking to be banned nationwide, with cigarettes being prohibited.

In the comments to the man’s post, others also provided NEA with ‘tip-offs’ as to the places they should patrol to catch offenders.



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