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Man attacks smoker with a saw for refusing to stop smoking

After a heated exchange, the bald man came back with a saw to attack the smoker who then smashed his head with a beer mug




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Singapore – Second-hand smoke maybe dangerous to one’s however attacking someone with a 30-centimetre saw to stop them definitely isn’t the solution.

On April 4 (Thursday), around 8:50 pm, Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) reported an incident at Geylang Lorong 25A involving a 51 year old bald man, and another man nearby who was smoking.

The smoker was allegedly having a smoke, with the bald man sitting next to him.

According to Seehua News, the space between the tables in the smoking area was already narrow, yet the man with the cigarette kept moving his chair nearer to the bald man’s table. The latter tried to remind the other that the smoke was already entering into his space.

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That statement seemed to antagonise the smoker who allegedly shouted back to the bald man that he was still in the smoking area.

The bald man left in what seemed to be the end of the dispute.

While everyone suspected that the exchange of was the highlight of the night, the bald man was out purchasing a 30cm saw from a hardware store nearby.

He was back at the scene after 10 minutes, threatening and attacking the smoker with his weapon, reported SMDN.

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The smoker fought back by grabbing a beer mug and smashing it on the bald man’s head.

The 51-year-old suffered a cut on his head while the other had a slash from his right ear to his right cheek. Both men were taken to Tan Tock Seng .

The bald man was arrested for voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon, while police investigations are ongoing.

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