Home News Man allegedly poisons fish in aquarium shop, costing owners a day's earnings

Man allegedly poisons fish in aquarium shop, costing owners a day’s earnings

While the shop staff was busy attending to other customers, the man was seen "throwing some white powdery substance" into one of the fish tanks.




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In a strange incident of , a man dropped what seemed to be poison into an aquarium killing its fishy inhabitants.

Boon Keng fish shop Glassbox Aquarium posted closed-circuit TV (CCTV) footage of the incident on their Facebook page. The shop owners are hoping that netizens may be able to help them identify the man who poisoned the fish tank.

In their Facebook post, Glassbox Aquarium wrote that the man pretended to be browsing the shop on Tuesday night, (June 11, around 8:40PM). While the shop staff was busy attending to other customers, the man was seen “throwing some white powdery substance” into one of the fish tanks. The man then appeared to be in a great hurry to leave the shop.

The footage showed that the water immediately turned murky, and the fishy inhabitants all died “within five minutes” of exposure to the substance.

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Staff also described a strong, industrial smell coming from the compromised fish tank.

Glassbox Aquarium added that the man had been a previous customer, but they have no other information about him that might help in the case or that could explain why he poisoned the harmless fish.

The shop owner, Mr. Ng Him Yick, said in a report by the New Paper that, “We’re just a and it’s very sad that someone would want to attack us like that. We’re just afraid he will come back and do something like this again because what he did really had an impact on our business.”

The owner spent the evening cleaning up the tank which contained freshwater tropical fish estimated to have cost around S$400 to S$500. He has already filed a police report.

Netizens expressed their anger over the cruel incident, wondering what could have motivated the man to do such a thing. Others tried to figure out what chemical the man man used, guessing either cyanide, chlorine, or a strong kind of bleach./TISG

Appealing for information

It is with a heavy heart that we would like to share with you guys what happened to us on Tuesday night (11 June 2019, 8.47pm). Photos in comments.An unidentified man, dressed in white and brown checked short-sleeve shirt and blue pants entered our shop at 8.47pm and pretend to be browsing though the fishes. Meanwhile our only on-duty staff was attending to other customers, thus there is no interaction with said man. At 8.49pm the unidentified man was captured in cctv footage to be throwing some white powdery substance into our discus tank, the powder turned into a giant white cloud in the tank immediately (as seen in footage) and the inhabitants of the tank (WC Disucs, A.welhemi, bleeding hearts, cardinals and pencils) were killed within 5 minutes. The man left within 20 seconds of his action. The substance emits a strong smell, not something you can find in a household, more like some unknown industrial substance. Toxicity is so high that we do not even have enough time to drain the tank and save the fishes.Context: We do not know the man in the footage and do not have any disputes with him. He loitered in our shop several times and bought worms from us on 2 occasions. We believe he is able to assist us on several cases of theft in our shop, including a case of missing live betta. However, we did not pursue the case as we do not have sufficient proof, thus we maintain our interaction with him to a minimum while keeping an eye on him while he is around but he keeps coming back. All we know about him is he is a betta fish keeper, moves around in a bicycle and always visit us with plastic bags in hand (even though his bike has a basket for them).A police report was lodged and pending investigations thus we are appealing for any information of the unidentified to aid in the investigations. Any leads provided is greatly appreciated.TL;DR : Got sabotaged, looking for information on unidentified man

Posted by Glassbox.sg on Saturday, June 15, 2019

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