Asia Malaysia Malaysia’s Education Minister says 1MDB scandal should be added to school curriculum,...

Malaysia’s Education Minister says 1MDB scandal should be added to school curriculum, drawing criticism from former PM Najib for ‘politicising’ the issue




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Dr. Maszlee Malik, the Education Minister of Malaysia, has said that the scandal surrounding the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and well as the widespread government corruption should be added to the history curriculum in schools.

“I will make sure that 1MDB and how some leaders robbed the nation will be included in the history books so that  future generations will not make the same mistake,” he said, in response to a question in Parliament from Seri Ahmad Maslan (BN – Pontian) on Monday, December 3, according to The Star.

Ahmad asked the number of years required to pass before something is considered to be part of history, as well as whether or not local history is being taught in the various local schools, including the Chinese independent schools. There are 60 such Chinese schools.

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According to Maszlee, high school students are prescribed a curriculum from 2017, and that the Education Ministry formed a committee to study current history textbooks to determine if and how they need to be improved, as well as the teaching methodology for history classes.

Maszlee’s comments drew flak from former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who said that school is not the place for politics.

Najib said, “I think it will not be long before Maszlee himself will enter the history books. Do not use our children, do not persecute their future.”

The former Prime Minister faces 38 graft-related charges in the 1MDB scandal.


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