Asia Malaysia Malaysian politician Ahmad Maslan creates new strawberry fried rice dish after his...

Malaysian politician Ahmad Maslan creates new strawberry fried rice dish after his durian fried eggs recipe, netizens disapprove




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It started with durian fried eggs. Malaysian Pontian Member of Parliament (MP) Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan is making rounds in trending social media news for his bizarre recipes. Last year, he tweeted in his personal account his own recipe for durian fried eggs.

A quick translation of his post includes information on his recipe such as the ingredients used. He mixed the usual stuff like onion, garlic, chili, and eggs, making a common omelet recipe. But then, the MP adds durian. According to him, it is eaten with bread, delicious and best suited for afternoon tea. Netizens reacted to his post by calling the “food police” to address the violations of mixing things that should be eaten separately.

Fast forward to January 13 when the MP released his latest concoction: strawberry fried rice.

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He called it “fun fried rice”. He mentions that he used special strawberries because it marked the Cameron Highlands by-election happening on January 26 and proceeds to list down the ingredients used such as rice, onion, egg, pepper, chili, cabbage, oil, salt…strawberries. The MP also added that it is tasty and a must try.

Twitter user Shamsul, commented that the dish is not fusion food. It is something of a higher level: CON-FUSION food.

Photo: Twitter screengrab

Even MP Khairy Jamaluddin tweeted that even though he is a hardcore supporter of Ahmad Maslan, the recipe is a “gross”.

It turns out that the PM had gotten his inspiration from somewhere else and uploaded four examples of strawberry fried rice recipes.

He added that his recipe is not original and asked why everyone is so intense? “Creativity is unlimited and everyone is free to try it”.

Meanwhile, ota asne has called for the king of twitter roasting, Gordon Ramsey to give his feedback on the strawberry fried rice dish.

Photo: Twitter screengrab


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