Entertainment Celebrity Malaysian influencer spends RM168,000 at Japanese restaurant

Malaysian influencer spends RM168,000 at Japanese restaurant

When asked about the jaw-dropping bill, the influencer said that her credit card has no spending limit so money wasn't an issue




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Malaysian influencer Cathryn Li is known to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. The influencer recently uploaded a series of throwbacks when she and her family visited Japan a year ago.

Cathryn showed in her Instagram Stories the time when she went to a restaurant named Kawamura in Ginza, Tokyo where her bill came up to a whopping RM168,000 (SGD55,000)! Cathryn told Hong Kong publication HK01 that she and her family had been on the restaurant’s waiting list for three years.

The high-end restaurant is apparently an intimate clubhouse for beef connoisseurs, according to 50 Best Discovery. The tasting menu is said to start from RM8,200 (SGD2,600). Kawamura is famous for its black abalone and wagyu. The influencer pointed out that the food served by the chef was top-notch.

“We ordered 2 extra wines worth 1 million yen each (~RM39k),” she added. When asked about the jaw-dropping bill, the influencer told HK01 that her credit card has no spending limit so money wasn’t an issue.

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Cathryn Li is a fitness influencer. Picture: Instagram

Last year, Cathryn came under fire when she posted on Instagram saying that M-sized girls are fat. She has since apologised for her insensitive remarks.

“It was a highly offensive and insensitive post, and I am deeply sorry for the hurt, anger, and disappointment I have caused you,” Cathryn wrote in the post, which has amassed over 35,000 likes since Monday, October 7, 2020.

Cathryn publicly apologised in the following two weeks after she said that anyone above size M is “as sinful as obesity”. The influencer said it was not her intention to make such a sweeping statement and that it was meant for her model friends.

“The post was intended for my model friends who like me, despite being of a healthy weight in the past, has (sic) previously unable to secure a modelling job due to the size criteria imposed,” she said.

Cathryn explained that she was trying to motivate her friends and herself to hit the gym so that they could meet the size standard set by the modelling industry.

“Looking back, I now realise how that was a mistake at many levels (sic),” she continued.

“Not only was the tone of my message offensive, I was encouraging friends to conform to an unhealthy beauty standard, which I have imposed also on myself.”


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