Entertainment Arts Malaysian actress Fathia Latiff says she will be criticised for wearing headscarf

Malaysian actress Fathia Latiff says she will be criticised for wearing headscarf

She said she went through depression for the three years she wore the tudung because she chose to wear it for all the wrong reasons.




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Malaysian actress Fathia Latiff suffered a backlash after she stopped wearing the tudung (religious headscarf) and she recently started wearing the tudung again. Nur Fathia Abdul Latiff, 33 wore the tudung before Ramadan and she said that she is ready for the feedback of others. The actress told Harian Metro that it is inevitable that fans want to say that Fathia is playing around with the religion. She said that she definitely will be condemned and she cannot do anything but she likes criticism because what is being said is true.

Fathia added that she will learn from it and accept what is said for her good and they help her change. She continued saying that even though it was harsh it is the truth. The Nur Kasih star chose to wear the tudung again after more than a year removing it. It was after having a heartfelt conversation with her mother and family members. Her mother asked her how many times does she want to wear the tudung and take it off.

She added that they have principles in life. The movement control order (MCO) gave her time with her loved ones and led her to her decision. She said that she has always been searching for herself so when she is with her loved ones for Tarawih prayers, she felt that guidance was slowly coming back to her. The actress felt scared, nervous and anxious when people looked at her without the tudung. Fathia said she was too egoistic when she decided to stop wearing the tudung before this.

She felt uneasy and not at peace without it but now she feels relieved. The actress also attended self-help classes at the request of her family. The actress only leaves home for important matters amid the coronavirus outbreak. She said that she is not like who she used to be, not so easy to influence at this age. Fathia said that senior artistes like Rozita Che Wan have been giving her moral support.

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Fathia Latiff is seen with a tudung on the left. Picture: Instagram

Fathia also said she subscribed to the belief that Muslims must don the tudung. She said that not wearing the tudung is wrong and that she needs to understand that and she will be strong. When asked if her new image was part of a marketing strategy, the actress said she was used to such assumptions. She said that she did not wear the tudung even when she was selling them. She admitted that doing business was one of the factors that led her to wear the tudung again.

Fathia said she chose to take it off in a hurry as she was fighting what was right and now she finally realised that as a Muslim woman, she has to wear the tudung. She added that she was wiser with age and did not want to go against her family’s will. The actress found herself under fire last year for not wearing the tudung.

Sharing with Harian Metro, she said she went through depression for the three years she wore the tudung because she chose to wear it for all the wrong reasons. Last September, she was critiqued when she was seen wearing revealing clothes and a short hairdo during her birthday party. /TISG

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