K.F. Seetoh, the founder of Makansutra took to social media to rain praise on opposition politicians Pritam Singh and Gilbert Goh.

In a lengthy Facebook post on Friday (July 31), the renowned local food guru wrote: “i take a knee in deference and respect to LO Pritam Singh”. Referring to Mr Singh’s donation of half of his Leader of the Opposition salary, Mr Seetoh wrote: “He knows you don’t need $1mn to be a good politician. Some louts criticize him for the wayang..as if politicians need to be quiet about their deeds and plans”.

Mr Seetoh then said Gilbert Goh- People’s Voice Party’s candidate for Punggol, and part of the only GRC team that lost their election deposit – “went right back to what he had been doing for years- looking out for the displaced, poor and those off radar folks in our midst”.

Mr Seetoh added that Mr Goh goes “floor by floor, door by door and hands out the necessaries. Even to folks that sleep on the floor every night”.

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He explained that his contribution was to donate to the cause and get the hawkers at Makansutra’s Gluttons Bay to contribute with hundreds of hot food packs.

“I followed him at times for the run but after 4-5 floors, i punchek liao. He combs blocks upon blocks every week and if there are kids, he digs deeper into the goodie bags, gives and ask no questions other then if they need anything else”.

Mr Seetoh said that Mr Goh’s acts of compassion and kindness are “not the domain of the oppositions or ruling party, it’s only human to do so”.

In his post, Mr Seetoh shared photos of Mr Goh, as well as of the times they went on food runs. -/TISG