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“Low life psychopathic despicable leech”: Veteran politician slams failed RP candidate who called opposition candidates “opportunists”




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Veteran opposition politician Goh Meng Seng has soundly slammed failed Party candidate Alex Tan as a “low life psychopathic despicable leech” after Tan called several opposition politicians “opportunists” who are “unfit for office” in a post on his website, The States Times Review.

In the article on his blatantly anti- website, Tan asserted that while the Hsien Loong administration has been “incompetent,” he thinks voting for the opposition is “unpalatable to most people, including myself, as many are substandard and no more worthy than a PAP MP.”

Tan continued: “As Singapore approaches its next General election, faceless and anonymous opportunists are joining in the opposition parties hoping to ride on the wave of anti-PAP sentiments and grab a S$15,000-a-month seat in Parliament. These opportunists however must be avoided, even as Singaporeans seek to remove the cancerous PAP.”

He then proceeded to identify what he believes are “clown parties” and a few ““opposition veterans” who appear every election but absolutely unfit for office” in the post:

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Urging the people to for opposition parties like the Workers’ Party and the Singapore Democratic Party, Tan wrote that the “opposition opportunists” he identified “are as good as useless, and you hear absolutely nothing from them on major government policies and current affairs like GST increase, water price increase and the HDB lease issue. Some like Goh Meng Seng are literally toxic as they attack other opposition parties for no compelling reason.”

Goh Meng Seng, the leader of the People’s Power Party (PPP) and a veteran opposition figure who has served in opposition politics for more than a decade, lashed out at Tan in a Facebook post yesterday.

Calling Tan a “fraudster” who leeches off hardcore opposition supporters by whipping up sensation anti-PAP rhetoric, Goh revealed his personal experience with Tan whom he encountered on the election trail in 2011:

“When Alex Tan first met up with me while I was still the SG of NSP, he wanted to contest in GE2011 under NSP. He was and still is full of anger and throwing all sorts of assertions, even running WP LTK and SL. He presented himself, arrogantly as someone who is smarter, a modern day ZhuGeLiang!
“I was of course bemused but to me, I would still give this young chap a chance. However, in the end, he joined RP under KJ and contested in AMK GRC against the Prime Minster, thinking that he could do better than the WP AMK Team in GE2006. But of course his big ego was instantly deflated by the result.
“I find him to be more like a psychopathic with a huge ego which is definitely a mismatch with his mental and intellectual capability.”
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Criticising Tan for his lack of principles and for his “POISONOUS” work that “basically promotes senseless idiocy of blind hate,” Goh added:

“Look at what he had done so far for the Opposition cause. He is only clever enough to leech on the anti PAP sentiments on each and every instances. Did he provide any refreshing or potent new public discourse against PAP and its policies? Nope. Most of the postings are just a copy cat piece of work with insertion of sensational rhetorics. Such methodology is POISONOUS to Opposition Cause as it basically promote senseless idiocy of blind hate. But in return, thanks to all your readership, he earns money by attracting you to his website!
“The most ironic thing is, such boneless leech has no principles at all! At one time, he was bombarding and criticising WP LTK and Sylvia Lim (most probably rejected him outright in 2010) but now, for the purpose of leeching and sucking more money, he sensationally support them in this court case!
“Serious politicians will come up with their own public discourse and our priority is our work is different among ourselves.
“He claims that Opposition parties and individual leaders are “not working the ground”. But what’s REAL political work has he done beside leeching on the Opposition cause?”

Noting that opposition politicians are not “paid agents like Tan,” Goh praised several of his peers as dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to provide Singaporeans with an alternative to the PAP, before blasting Tan as a “poisonous leech” who is “far from qualified” to condemn the opposition:

“As far as I know, different opposition leaders are exploring and doing different things. We are not paid agents or leeches like Alex Tan who get money out of Opposition cause. We have to balance our normal professional careers vs opposition engagements. Nobody owes a living!
“As far as I know, despite our very busy schedules, Opposition leaders are doing their best in different ways to contribute towards the opposition cause.
“SDA Desmond Lim has been flying around quite often but still, he manages and kicks start a series of free lunch box projects and other charity programs.
“KJ has written quite a number of articles raising concerns about economic issues as well as our SWF.
“As for me, you see me daily on my FB promoting critical thinking, not reckless, mindless, irrational barking like a leeching dog to analyse all different issues, looking at them from different alternative perspectives. And I dare say, my major contribution to Opposition Public Discourse is on the HDB Asset Enhancement Scam.
“All these work, take lots of time and effort as well as brain juice and unlike leeches like Alex Tan, we do not earn anything from our work! It is basically public service to enhance public political education which is very much lacking in Singapore, no thanks to poisonous leeches like Alex Tan.
“That’s why I told those people who show me his article attacking that he is far from qualified to condemn us. He is not just a low life psychopathic despicable leech but also a poisonous one.”

Read Goh’s post in full here:

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