The LIBRE Initiative, an influential Hispanic grassroots organization supported by Koch Industries, is set to make a significant splash ahead of the third Republican debate in Miami.

The group will air two brand-new ads on the Salem Radio Network, marking a pivotal moment in their mission to engage Latino communities in the Republican fold.

The LIBRE Initiative ads

The first ad is designed to serve as an introduction, bridging the gap between the LIBRE Initiative, which has diligently labored for over a decade to bring Latinos into the Republican sphere, and the Salem Radio Network.

The second ad takes a bold stance, declaring that Hispanics believe the nation is headed down the wrong path and express disapproval of what they refer to as “Bidenomics.” This forceful message highlights the LIBRE Initiative’s commitment to driving conversations around conservative policies.

Daniel Garza, the president of the LIBRE Initiative, explains that these ads are all about expanding the group’s influence and promoting ideas that “transcend race.”

Wadi Gaitan, the communications director of the group, elaborates on their intentions. “There is a significant portion of Hispanic conservatives out there who get their news from outlets like Salem, so we can continue to draw them in as activists and volunteers,” Gaitan added.

The group is using data from a poll they have conducted. The poll revealed that a staggering 70% of Latinos disapprove of the current direction of the country. The group is leveraging this data to assert that “Hispanics are not optimistic about the trajectory of the country under Bidenomics.”

The group’s ads on the Salem Radio Network are set to spark lively discussions within the Hispanic community. With the Republican debate just around the corner, all eyes are on how this initiative will continue to shape the narrative surrounding Latino engagement in conservative politics.

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