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Lee Hsien Yang says fight Covid-19 first, “Since PAP’s defeat is an improbability, why the hurry to the polls?”

Lee Hsien Yang in his opinion piece wrote that the Parliamentary Elections (Covid-19 Special Arrangements) Bill indicated that the PAP is putting its interests above the country's




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In a lengthy piece first published in the Malaysian media, Lee Hsien Yang, brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, opined about why “Singapore polls must wait”.

His opinion piece, titled, ‘Fight Covid-19 first, Singapore polls must wait’ published over the weekend (Apr 4), said that as Singaporeans prepare to stay at home under the “circuit breaker” measures, the incumbents will be going through the Parliamentary Elections (Covid-19 Special Arrangements) Bill.

The Bill will be introduced in Parliament to facilitate the temporary arrangements necessary for holding a safe general election while Covid-19 measures are in effect.

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According to the Elections Department (ELD), “The Bill contains the necessary legislative provisions to allow ELD to implement temporary arrangements to ensure the safety of voters, candidates and election officials during parliamentary elections held on or before 14 April 2021”.

The younger Mr Lee wrote that “The Bill is an indication the PAP is putting its interests, and Lee’s, above those of the country and the people it rules”.

“For someone who urged Singaporeans to “trust that you are not working for personal gain, but for national interests”, Lee’s refusal to rule out an imminent election is baffling.

Since PAP’s defeat is an improbability, why the hurry to the polls? Does it fear the repercussions of the recession that is in the offing?” he added.

Citing an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, Mr Lee asked, “Distracted by the push for an early election, did the PAP take its eye off the ball? Do Singaporeans feel the government is putting the welfare of its citizens above all else?”

He explained that despite the number of cases in Singapore increasing daily, the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition’ (DORSCON) remained at level Orange, and came amid netizens “poking fun at the DORSCON status and the colour of Lee’s tie, whether it was orange or red and the true signal of the state of the nation”.

Echoing a sentiment he expressed earlier, Mr Lee said, “If there was a time to yearn for the decisive, straight-talking Lee Kuan Yew and the leaders of old, it is now. Being straightforward and open was always the hallmark of Lee Kuan Yew”.

He continued, “The PAP of the past acted in the interests of Singaporeans and placed the greater good as its top priority. Singaporeans did not doubt this of the founding fathers of modern Singapore. Such trust needs to be earned by each successive generation of leaders”.

Mr Lee Hsien Yang’s full piece can be read here. /TISG

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