International Asia Korean YouTubers amused with a colleague in Malaysia who donned a fur hat and...

Korean YouTubers amused with a colleague in Malaysia who donned a fur hat and gloves due to the cold workplace environment

The Hi Monk duo talk about their experience in Malaysia and shared their views on what they think about Malaysia, which they say is very cold indoors and just the opposite outside




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On a Korean YouTube show, ‘How Koreans think about Malaysia?’ the presenters voiced their amusement about a colleague wearing a fur hat and fur gloves in a Malaysian office.

The show host is Jay Kim and he invited Hi Monk, two Korean girls who lived in Malaysia to speak about the country.

The two Korean girls did a show during the Ramadan on fasting on YouTube. Jay Kim does a lot of shows on Muslim women, explaining why Muslim women cannot touch the hands of men who are not related to them and so on.

In the Jay Kim show, the Hi Monk duo talk about their experience in Malaysia and shared their views on what they think about Malaysia, which they say is very cold (inside buildings) and is a place where they ate real Chinese and Indian food.

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While one of them said Malaysia is a very hot country outside (on the streets), another one said, on the contrary, it is ‘very cold’ when you go inside.

She meant inside buildings, offices, shopping complexes and even the subway.

She said the air conditioner makes it so cold inside buildings and offices, sparking jokes among YouTube users that they know Malaysia as a hot country.

The presenter said, “In Korea, we cannot turn on the air-cond because of a progressive tax.

“I was cold when I was working in Malaysia, wearing a sweater and warmed my hands by rubbing them constantly,” said Hi Monk.

She then said, “A colleague who sat on the other side, he wore fur gloves and a fur hat,” getting the three presenters to break into laughter.

She said she caught a cold twice because of the air conditioning.

“The subway is also very cold. You have to wear long clothing,” she said.

Jay Kim said he was jealous, repeating that in Korea they do not turn on the air conditioner, adding that “Korea is hot and Malaysia is cold.”

Speaking of the living environment, one of them said she went to the gym in Malaysia with a friend, and the facilities were really cool. It was only $40 for two people.
They argued that compared to Korea, prices are very cheap except for clothing which they say are as expensive as in Korea.
“Food, facilities, electricity and water is cheaper than Korea. They are impressed that Nasi Lemak is only $0.3 sen and they giggled on how delicious is Malaysian bread from a convenience store.
The multi-cultural aspect of the country is also impressive because you can go to a Chinese restaurant and eat real Chinese dishes. “You go to an Indian restaurant and you get real Indian meals,” adding that Malaysia is known as a food paradise.
“Food is clean, cheap and very delicious,” they said.
The male presenter said,”Wait for me Malaysia, I will finish my life in Korea and go there.”
“Everybody who went to Malaysia gained weight,” said one of the presenters. And we lose weight coming back to Korea because food is expensive and I cannot afford to eat a lot.” -/TISG

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