Entertainment Celebrity Korean star Ham So-won admits to deleting husband's DMs

Korean star Ham So-won admits to deleting husband’s DMs

Jin Hua responded that he knew that his wife gets on his social media account when asked if he was aware




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Korean actress Ham So-won confessed that she often goes through her husband’s direct messages (DMs) to delete messages from other women, certainly in fear of other women contacting him, says a Koreaboo report on Jan 13.

Ham’s husband is former idol trainee and Chinese businessman Jin Hua. Ham admitted to deleting her husband’s DMs during a recent episode of the reality TV programme Wife’s Taste in a conversation about social media.

“I go onto my husband’s Instagram account frequently and delete all his direct messages,” said the 44-year-old, based on translations by Koreaboo. The actress did not hesitate to share more details, saying that she even deletes follow-up messages that come in.

“There will be messages that come after I delete them saying things like, ‘I think So-won erased my previous messages.’

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“I delete those too.”

Ham So-Won checks her husband’s DMs. Picture: Instagram

Jin Hua responded that he knew that his wife gets on his social media account when asked if he was aware. The couple became well known in South Korea because of their unusual age gap of 18 years. Jin Hua comes from Harbin, China, and he thought Ham was in her 20s when they first met. Despite finding out her correct age, he was set to marry Ham.

In 2018 they got married and welcomed a baby girl in December 2018. Ham is famous for her role in Sex Is Zero. Jin Hua is 18 years her junior. Ham will be turning 45 in May while Jin Hua is 27 years old. The duo reportedly met through a mutual friend. Jin Hua was said to have fallen in love at first sight.

Jin Hua’s parents were at first against the marriage because of the big age gap, but they finally relented. Jin Hua’s family reportedly owns a large farming business in Harbin, China, but the 27-year-old who used to be an idol trainee in South Korea runs a website that sells clothes.

Jin Hua has thousands of followers on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

The pair have registered their marriage in both South Korea and China. In their wedding photos, they are spotted wearing hanboks and Western-style dresses and suits.

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