Entertainment Celebrity Khloé Kardashian uses filters on Instagram photos for good reason

Khloé Kardashian uses filters on Instagram photos for good reason

One fan justified the Kardashian's actions saying that filters could be a useful tool to protect celebrity children as they look totally different in real life




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Fans of reality TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians will know that their looks keep changing often. It could be because of implants and surgeries or a result of photoshopping and adding filters.

This year, Khloé Kardashian was in the spotlight for criticisms due to adding filters on her Instagram photos. Even though she was criticised, some fans support her and one fan gave a brilliant reason for why Khloé could be doing it.

In May this year, the mother of one was put in a spot when she uploaded a series of photos of herself on Instagram. Followers could not recognise who they saw on the photos that Khloé posted the same day. The reality star looked different in her photos and when a fan asked why she looked so different, she jokingly replied, “from my weekly face transplant.” Recently an original photo of Khloé surfaced online and it went viral on social media.

Khloe Kardashian and her daughter True. Picture: Instagram

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Fans said that she is beautiful without the filters and that their only worry is that she is overdoing her filters on Instagram. It is a concern when celebrities upload filtered photos as they set unrealistic standards for girls and women.

Khloé has been in the spotlight for filtering before. Daily Mail reported that Celeb face (a photo editing watchdog) called out on Khloé. Fans are claiming that Khloé is using the Face tuning app, and there are also many other celebrities accused of using the same app.

The 36-year-old also uploaded a video of her daughter True on Instagram. Khloé’s video had a unique addition which was a filter. Fans commented on how beautiful the baby is and they sent congratulatory messages. Although some fans commented on how beautiful True is, others did not seem happy with the fact that she had added the filters. Khloé posted an edited photo of her and True on March 16.

Fans left comments saying that True looks beautiful, precious and other positive comments. Khloé seems unaffected by the criticism and continues to put filters when she posts her child. As a fan, you may question her obliviousness, and a fellow fan might have pointed a good outcome that may come from this filtering that we witness on her selfies.

Khloé posted a selfie of herself and her niece Dreamy Renee in February and as usual, it was filtered. The selfie was posted recently on Reddit, and fans gave their comments as usual. One comment stood out where a particular fan cited that this kind of filtering could be a safety precaution for the kids. “I know it’s not the reason, but that’s not a bad safety idea.”

The fan said, referring to the filtering in the photo. It is a brilliant reason for how this filtering can be helpful for the celebrities’ kids.

Celebrities are pressurised to post photos of their babies on social media, and as parents, they owe their kids a duty of protection. Using filters, they can post their children, and still make them unrecognisable to the real world!Follow us on Social Media

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