Entertainment Celebrity Journalist claims Karen Mok is the only woman Stephen Chow has ever...

Journalist claims Karen Mok is the only woman Stephen Chow has ever thought of marrying

Chow's mother revealed years ago that even though he did not ever want to settle down, the only woman he had any intention of marrying was Mok




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Hong Kong — Last year, comedian Stephen Chow’s public and ugly legal battle with his former girlfriend over their finances gave a rare peek into the personal life of the fiercely private 58-year-old.

It was reported that out of all the women Chow has dated, be it for real or allegedly, only Karen Mok, 50, remains on good terms with him. Veteran Hong Kong journalist, Bai Lu Mei who wrote an expose on Joey Wong’s love life recently spoke about the relationship between Chow and Mok for Apple Daily.

The journalist described Mok as “straightforward, spontaneous, a little willful and vocal”, and that she’s someone who “isn’t afraid of people’s opinion of her”. Bai Lu Mei also recounted how when Mok first entered showbiz and was quickly scouted by Chow to star in his 1995 movie A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora’s Box, adding that it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the comedian is partially responsible for Mok’s success.

Bai Lu Mei said that Chow admired Mok’s wit and unique personality and that he saw her as a soulmate with whom he could have deep conversations about movies. When Chow broke up with Athena Chu, he and Mok started dating secretly, according to 8days.sg. Mok was Chow’s mother’s favourite, among all of his past girlfriends. Bai Lu Mei said that it was because Mok is cultivated, knowledgeable and respectful of the elderly.

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Karen Mok is the only woman Stephen Chow ever wanted to marry. Picture: Instagram

Chow’s mother revealed years ago that even though Chow did not ever want to settle down, the only woman he had any intention of marrying was Mok. Mok was also smitten with Chow at that time. Bai Lu Mei reported that Mok was a fan of Chow’s talent and saw him as a cinematic genius and was utterly devoted to the director. However, Chow’s had a love life that was too “rich and exciting” which Mok could not accept so she initiated the breakup.

Feeling sorry for Mok, Leslie Cheung got her to work with heartthrob Stephen Fung with hopes that sparks will fly between the pair. Bai Lu Mei reported that sparks really did fly and the duo dated in secret for eight years. When Chow found out that Mok was seeing Fung, he was devastated. Initially, he had plans to woo her back but finally, he respected her decision to move on.

Eventually, Fung got married to Shu Qi while Mok married her first love, German finance executive Johannes Natterer in 2011. They dated when they were both 17 and studying in Italy. It was only after 24 years that they reunited again. As for Chow, he remains single and seems intent on staying that way.

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