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Jamus Lim recalls his days working at Burger King as he thanks MPS volunteers

Dr Lim spoke about the closing shift when he used to work at Burger King as a teen drawing an analogy with his MPS team, thanking them as they concluded their session at half past 10




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Workers’ Party () politician recalled his days working at a Burger King outlet in his teenage years as he thanked his Meet-the-People Session (MPS) volunteers, in a recent Facebook post.

Dr Lim, an economist, was elected at Sengkang GRC in the 2020 general election that took place in July. Although he has been serving his ward for the past two and a half months, the first-term MP has only conducted three physical MPS sessions given the COVID-19 restrictions.

On Tuesday (21 Sept), Dr Lim held his third MPS and reflected on the work that it takes to make an enterprise successful in a Facebook post published a day later. Recounting how he used to dread working the late shift when he was in his teens and the lessons his time working at a fast food restaurant gave him, the opposition MP wrote:

“When I used to work at Burger King as a teenager, I used to dread the evening shift. It would entail closing—cleaning up the equipment and restaurant, long after the official closing time of 10 pm—and it typically meant getting home at midnight, or later.

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“But closing also demonstrates all the involved work that often goes on behind the scenes to make an enterprise successful, day after day.”

Sharing a photo from his most recent MPS, Dr Lim paid tribute to the volunteers who help him keep his ward running. He wrote: “Thankfully we concluded by half past ten, and the efforts of the closing team—indeed, all the volunteers who cycled through over the course of the evening—are, as always, deeply appreciated!”

When I used to work at Burger King as a teenager, I used to dread the evening shift. It would entail closing—cleaning up…

Posted by Jamus Lim on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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