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“It’s been years!” Police unable to stop man from harassing staff at AMK grocery store

Owner wonders why the ban on the man entering the store cannot be enforced




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Singapore — A man has persistently harassed the staff of a grocery store in Ang Mo Kio for some years now, despite being blacklisted from the premises and numerous appeals to the police for help with settling the problem.

The man entered Angel Supermart in Block 631, AMK Avenue 8, again on Thursday (Sept 24) and shouted at the staff in the presence of customers. To make matters worse, he was not wearing a mask at that time.

The grocery store owner, Mr Daniel Tan, took to social media to appeal to the police to once again intervene.

Writing on Angel Supermart’s Facebook page, Mr Tan tagged the police and wrote: “When can our staff get protection from ruffians like this? It’s been years, we are starting to lose count of the number of times we called the police, you guys can’t seem to help???!!!!”

Singapore Police ForceWhen can our staff get protection from ruffians like this? It’s been years, we are starting to…

Posted by Angel Supermart on Thursday, September 24, 2020

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He explained that the police had advised the owner to ban the man from entering the grocery, which they had done. He added that only last month police officers “helped us make it very clear to him” that he is forbidden from entering the store.

The man’s behavior has been problematic for the store. “We have had supervisors & staff who quit in fear, he makes personal threats against the safety of our staff, till nobody dares to report to work,” Mr Tan wrote.

The grocery store owner added that the man now refuses to wear a mask. He asked: “Does somebody have to get assaulted or lose his life before something is done?????”

According to mustsharenews.com, this harassment has been going on for three years.

In a video of the Sept 24 incident that Mr Tan posted, a man in a grey shirt can be seen entering the store and confronting the staff at the cashier counter. They ignore him and the supervisor can then be seen telling the man: “No time, talk later.”

However, the man continues to confront the employees and leaves only when he sees the  supervisor calling the police for help.

In the comments to his post, Mr Tan includes other videos which show the man confronting the store staff, the latest being only a week ago on Sept 15.

Mr Tan, who called it a “regular enough” occurrence though probably not an every day one, wondered why the ban on the man entering the store could not enforced. He had only been given verbal warnings.

He wrote in another comment the man had lain in wait outside the shop for his staff and that nobody dared to work there. /TISG

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