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Is Dahlan wearing H&M bracelets?




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DahlanH&M is one of the largest fashion brands in the world, they make products that are affordable so that you won’t have to worry buying another one.

In a recent photograph of Abdul Rahman Dahlan, the man who claims that Dato Seri Najib Razak was the Malaysian Official 1, is seen wearing a man bracelet above his watch which seems that it may allegedly be from one of H&M’s last season man bracelets.

Don’t get me wrong, H&M is meant for all ages hence why they have a large collection of products.

Man bracelets are usually used by teenagers and young adults. To this date, there has been no results about the age bracket on the males who use these accessories.

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However it is common knowledge that a number of young people are in fact using that. H&M is one of the few large fashion stores which sells these man bracelets for only RM39.90. Others such as Zara does not sell them.

H&M has a small range of these types of accessories, wooden ones without clasps, and leather mix with other materials with metal claps.

The metal clasp on his bracelet shows striking similarity to the one that H&M sells, and H&M always changes their collection frequently but they still have the same structure as their last products.

It is surprising that the Minister of Wellbeing in Malaysia is wearing something like that. Unknown-1 Unknown-2We normally see people like him as not open to trying something new and unique and wearing all the old and boring stuff which at the same time is really expensive.

Note that Hermes also sells men bracelets, but its for about 240 GBP which is RM 1300.


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