In PAS move to break from PKR, will Selangor fall?

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The Parti Islam Se-Malaysia or PAS has officially severed its ties with the party of Anwar Ibrahim, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat or PKR thus ending its cooperation with all the opposition parties.

The question now is whether the state of Selangor will fall into the hands of the PAS and the UMNO after the decision by the Islamists to cut ties with the party of Anwar?

Will Azmin Ali remain as the Chief Minister and will he get the continued support from the PAS exco members?

The ties were severed after the PAS Syura Council confirmed that the Islamist party has officially dumped the PKR, thus setting the ball rolling once again in the rich state of Selangor.


Last week, the PAS failed in an attempt to dislodge the current Chief Minister, Azmin Ali from his post after the latter rallied support from PAS Selangor state exco members.

Azmin is a PKR member and has headed the state since the removal of Khalid Ibrahim, who is backed by the PAS to become the next Chief Minister of Selangor.

This week, Azmin had said he was waiting for the decision from the PAS Syura council to decide on the future his government.

The severing of the ties is a tricky situation for the PKR in Selangor.

Not only it risks losing the state to the PAS and the Umno, it will also face a heavy task during the next General Elections, in both the Parliamentary and the state legislative assembly seats.

The PAS yesterday confirmed they will not deal with the PKR if the Syura Council decided to severe ties with Anwar’s party.

Selangor PAS said it will field its candidates for the next general elections without consulting PKR if the Islamist party’s top decision-making body sanctions call to sever all ties.

The new PAS Selangor chief, in his new role as Selangor PAS commissioner, Sallehen Mukhyi told reporters that his party won’t negotiate with its last remaining Pakatan Harapan ally if the Syura council decides to end their tenuous political co-operation.

He said there will be not any kind of consensus where political cooperation is concerned.

The Islamist party has been reported to be eyeing 45 out of 56 state seats in the 14th general elections that must be called by June next year.

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