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‘I’m lucky my parents are still able to support me, but I need a job asap to fill the gap’ — Jobless S’porean says

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"Applied to over 100? 200? idk how many at this point jobs on job sites but this is all I have... I've been to about 4 interviews and all of them ghosted me," she shared

SINGAPORE: Another young job seeker appears to be in crisis, writing on r/askSingapore that she’s “been jobless for half a year and I’m feeling hopeless.”

u/hazevanilla wrote in an Aug 29 (Tuesday) post that she’s applied for between 100 and 200 positions, and has been about 4 interviews and all of them ghosted me.”

“They were jobs I felt I had a fair chance of getting because my experience lines up with what each of them were looking for,” she added, asking if anyone else was in the same boat.

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“I’m starting to think I might never find a job at all. I’m lucky that my parents are still able to support me but I need a job ASAP to fill the gap.”

So far, she’s had two jobs, both of which were in companies that closed after a short while.

“I thought I might’ve been asking for a salary that’s too high for what I was able to show ($4000 asking, $3600 last drawn) so I’m thinking to just lower it down to $3500 or something. I’m a UI/UX and Web Designer and apart from agencies I’m not seeing many companies that are willing to hire me. I’m just losing hope and looking at maybe working in a totally different industry,” she added.

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A fresh graduate who’s in the same industry offered some encouragement.

Another Reddit user from the finance sector said they’re also struggling to land employment.

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“It’s going to be a really rough time for the next year, just hang in there and things will get better. It’s just the boom and bust cycle of each sector, you never know when things suddenly swing up or down,” wrote a netizen.

One commenter offered to help her out. 

Another told her to try the public sector.

However, another told her, “I just accepted whatever job that I can start first to have some money even though the pay is a lot less than what I was making in UI/UX.”


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