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‘I hope you’re happy using somebody else’s money’ — Man tells woman who took his bank card and used it at JB petrol station

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The woman was in a dark vehicle registered in Singapore with the license plate SKX6669H

SINGAPORE: After a woman took his bank card and charged it for petrol, a man posted videos of her and her car in a fraudulent act.

Mr Leonard Chia wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page: To the lady driver of SKX6669H that conveniently took my card and charged your petrol purchase, I hope you are happy using somebody’s else’s money.”

To add insult to injury, the woman also tried to charge four packs of cigarettes on Mr Chia’s card. However, these could only be paid for in cash.

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But the attendant at the petrol station told him that the woman even wanted to tap the card again in another attempt to charge her purchase.

“Your uob one card cannot tap then use my youtrip…,” he added, “#dishonest #uglySingaporean #theft #SKX6669H”

The woman was in a dark vehicle registered in Singapore with the license plate SKX6669H.

The petrol station where the woman had used it is in Taman Pelangi in Johor Bahru, and Mr Chia’s card was charged RM37.40 (around SGD 10.88).

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The incident occurred on Sunday, Jul 23.

When a netizen wrote, “A lot of ppl think picking up a credit card is like finding cash on the floor, finders keepers. Fyi, it is not, it is fraud,” Mr Chia agreed.

He wrote, “exactly, there’s a name to it. And making a payment is a conscious effort. By tapping on the uob one card and then changing to somebody else’s card also is a conscious choice.”

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Another advised him to “File police both end SG wnd source country. Its SG registered Car. I believe works similar to cross border accident. Just try. At least the next trip vehicle cross, maybe stopped for investigation into this incident.”

“Make a police report on lost card. Any dishonest usage is still considered a crime right?”a Facebook user chimed in.


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