Lifestyle Health & Fitness Ho Ching urges public to not get tested when showing no symptoms,...

Ho Ching urges public to not get tested when showing no symptoms, avoid jamming test labs

The PM's wife expressed her views on Facebook saying that priority should be placed on those who are most likely to test positive for the virus




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Singapore – The Prime Minister’s wife called for calm from people who are testing for Covid-19 although they showed no symptoms, stating that such actions only overcrowd test labs.

On Sunday (Apr 5), Temasek Holdings CEO, Ho Ching, took to Facebook to provide some logic behind the reason why there is no nationwide testing being done. She urged everyone not showing any signs of a Covid-19 infection to not get tested. “Think of it this way, if we do not have symptoms, pls don’t go and test,” Mdm Ho advised. “We will jam up the test labs.”

She noted that priority should be placed for those who are most likely to test positive for the virus.

“In any case, if we test negative, it is not proof that we are not infected,” Mdm Ho added. As someone who has been closely monitoring the pandemic, she mentioned that a negative result today doesn’t guarantee one’s safety from being infected tomorrow or a month later.

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“So let’s conserve our testing capabilities for those most at risk,” she reiterated.
On a positive note, Mdm Ho disclosed that the country is already experimenting with 3D printing its own swabs and virus transport media just in case other countries such as the US begin to ban exporting these essential consumables used for testing.

“So stay calm, and if we have minor symptoms, the NHS (National Health Service) advice in the UK is good,” said Mdm Ho, giving reference to the country’s mandate to stay home and conduct proper monitoring of symptoms before heading out to the hospital or clinic for testing.

The typical flu lasts about five days, so unless you have breathing difficulties, stay home for a week and apply self-quarantine, Mdm Ho expounded. During the quarantine period, one could facilitate contact tracing and recall as much detail possible to help with the process.

Should more severe symptoms, such as a lack of breath while doing normal activities like walking, standing up or urinating, arise, “then call for an ambulance to go straight to A&E (Accident & Emergency)” said Mdm Ho.

Netizens agreed with Mdm Ho’s “systematic and objective” advice. “We must conserve whatever resources we have to ensure that those really in need will not be deprived (of medical attention) just like what is happening in other countries,” commented Steven Lee. “Maximising resources will be a wiser option.”

Photo: FB screengrab/HO Ching

Photo: FB screengrab/HO Ching

Patrick Zhang suggested a few more options for the public beyond face masks, sanitisers and soaps.

Photo: FB screengrab/HO Ching

Some people ask:Why don’t we test everybody now?Well, think of it this way. If we do not have symptoms, pls don’t…

Posted by HO Ching on Saturday, April 4, 2020

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